Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I am not obsessed....there just so darn interesting

Today my dad went on a rant telling me that I was totally obsessed with celebs. He said that I knew way to much about these peoples lives. For example The Mariah Carey vs. Eminem feud I knew some of what it was about ,but not every lil detail. He still claims that I know too much about these people . Let me just set the record straight...celebrites are interesting! I am 19 and this is what interests me. Their fashions , love lives, and quirks are what make them soooooo cool . And I am not the only one who thinks this there are entire tv stations and websites dedicated to these people why they are intersting . I think its just human nature. As a now Psych. Major I find their choices and actions intersting. The way they interact with each other and their fan , and the way fan react to them is really fasinating to me. For instance The Twilight saga...@ comic con the secon Rob Pattinson hit the stage there is an out pour of screams and chants. while I watch thing s like that I can't help , but laugh. This is human nature @ its best ...teenage girls(and some guy and the twi- moms yuck) showing their love and admiration( and straight up lust ) for this man. Its so cool! So Im not obsessed , Im fasinated...take that daddy..hahahahaha

live, love, laugh

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